The Village NZ

A Place to Connect and Empower all Generations

Our mission is to support individuals navigating parenthood by offering education, support, and connection through providing accessible online and offline resources, and cultivate thriving community connections that empowers and uplifts all members.


Our community has been founded to create a sense of connection and belonging. A place for mamas, parents and whanau to engage with each other and nurture intergenerational cohesion.


In building this community, we can encourage and assist parents and caregivers in navigating the challenges of raising children and nurture a sense of connection that is essential to their overall wellbeing.


It is a FREE and easily accessible, positive resource for all involved in the care of our future generations, and will serve to facilitate connections with community support services available.

At The Village, we recognise the critical role of community in promoting social well being and psychological health. Research shows that lack of community and social support can take a toll on mental health and overall well being, leading to decreased engagement and participation. This is why we believe in the power of genuine intergenerational relationships and providing meaningful resources and support. 

We're dedicated to creating a place where people effortlessly connect with each other. We believe that every parent deserves the support they need to raise healthy and happy children. By creating an accessible and empowering community, we hope to make this a reality for parents everywhere.